Makimasa Imai

Guardian Lion Deity

Across the world there are various forms of animals that protect the gods and people.
Among these, the lion is deified in many places due to its strong image. In Japan, guardian lion-dogs called Komainu are placed at the entrance to Shinto shrines to protect the gods.
I created this lion as a beast that will protect us.

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W 21.8 × D 55 × H 31 cm
weight: about 9kg

W 8.58 × D 21.65 × H 12.20 in
weight: about 19.8 lbs
Makimasa Imai

Makimasa Imai

Makimasa Imai insists on firing his pieces in climbing kilns to create a deep, rich finish, and he travels 400 km from Kyoto to Takehara in Hiroshima Prefecture to fire. His artwork is designed to give a vivid and energetic feeling to the animals he creates, adding a feeling of vitality to the space they are displayed in.
Makimasa's father, ceramic artist Masayuki Imai, is a recipient of the Order of Cultural Merit, which is considered a high honor in Japan.