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Terms and Conditions of Sale

Kogei Art KYOTO Terms and Conditions of Online Sale

Information about our company and Kogei Art KYOTO (hereinafter referred to as “Our Site”) The terms of use for the sale of artworks to customers from Kogei Art KYOTO (hereinafter referred to as this “Terms and Conditions”) are set forth below. The following terms and conditions apply to the sale of artwork to customers through the Kogei Art KYOTO website. In addition to these Terms and Conditions, the Website Terms of Use shall also apply to the overall use of the Kogei Art KYOTO Site by customers.

By placing an order on Site, you agree to these Terms and Conditions and the Website Terms of Use. If you do not agree to these Terms and Conditions, or if you have any questions regarding these Terms and Conditions, please contact our Client Services.


Article 1. Information about the Company and inquiries to the Company

1. Contacting the Company

In addition to various types of inquiries, the contact address for any declaration of intent required under these Terms and Conditions is designated below.

Corporate Name : KARAFUNEYA Co. Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the “Company”)
Address: 505 Higashimonzen-cho, Sakyo-ku, Kyoto, 606-8345, Japan
Phone number: 075-761-1166 (Japanese only)
E-mail address: (English inquiries accepted)
Chief Operation Officer: Takeshi Horio, Representative Director

2. Contact from our company

If the Company needs to contact you, the Company will contact you at the phone number, e-mail address, or mailing address you provided when you registered on Our Site. When placing an order, please double-check that your contact information is up-to-date. the Company will communicate in Japanese, but we will make a reasonable effort to provide machine translations or other means as appropriate.

3. “In writing” shall include e-mail.

E-mail shall be included in the method of “in writing” communication set forth in these Terms and Conditions and shall be the primary method of communication.

Article 2. Order by customer (application for sales contract)

1. Qualified Purchasers

Purchases from Our Site shall be limited to those who satisfy all of the following conditions.

  1. You are a corporation legally established and in business, or an individual 18 years of age or older who has completed our website membership registration.
    (However, if you reside in Japan, please contact the Company for information on how you can purchase directly without membership registration, even if you are not a member.)
  2. You understand the purpose and terms of use of the Startrail network operated by Startbahn Inc. and promise to open a Startrail PORT account by the time the artwork is shipped, you will continue to abide by the network’s terms of use and cooperate in maintaining the value of the artwork by publishing the SRR (Startrail Registry Record) even after the purchase. (Startrail Registry Record) and cooperate in maintaining the value of the artwork by publicly announcing the SRR (Startrail Registry Record) in the future.
  3. You must be able to specify a delivery address from the list of countries listed at the end of this document and must be able to receive the artwork at the specified delivery address after the contract is concluded.

2. Matters to be Confirmed Before Placing an Order

Once you have selected the artworks you wish to purchase and placed them in your shopping cart, you may proceed with the purchase according to the series of instructions on the screen. When the order is confirmed and the [Place Order] button is clicked at the end of the purchase procedure, you are considered to have placed an order for a purchase contract with the Company. In placing an order, you confirm the following.

  1. It is your responsibility to investigate and confirm whether or not the artwork is subject to import/export restrictions in the host country prior to ordering.
  2. There are certain items that StartBahn Inc. is exempted from disclaiming in the Startrail Network Terms of Service or in the Startrail PORT Terms of Service. the Company is equally exempt from liability for these matters.

3. Contract Formation: Subject to Subsequent Approval

A confirmation of an order is not considered as a conclusion of a contract. A contract will not come into existence between you and the Company until we send you a notice of acceptance as described in

4. Verification of Order Details

The Company will send you an order confirmation e-mail immediately after you place your order, which includes details of the ordered artwork.
If you believe that any of the information on the order confirmation e-mail is incorrect, please contact the Company immediately.

Please note that the order completion screen that is displayed when you successfully complete the order process on the Company’s Our Site, the automatic e-mail sent to inform you that the order has been accepted and to confirm the contents of the order, and the automatic e-mail sent to inform you that the payment has been made, none of these actions shall be deemed to indicate the Company’s acceptance of the order (application for a sales contract).

5. Inventory Validation and Quality Inspection

It may take some time for the Company to check the inventory and inspect the products before we contact you with our acceptance. In this case, the Company will inform you of the specific status and estimated time of acceptance at any time. Only after two weeks have elapsed from the date of the order, we will accept the cancellation of the order if you so request. the Company will complete the cancellation procedure (non-acceptance of a contract as stipulated in Article 3.4) on our side and report back to you.

6. Your Order Number

the Company will assign an order number to your order and notify you when we accept your order. Please provide the Company with your order number when inquiring about your order.

Article 3. Acceptance of contract by the Company (conclusion of a sales contract)


After inspection and packaging by the Company, the Company will send a contract acceptance to you by e-mail at the time the artwork is shipped. The dispatch of this e-mail shall be deemed to constitute the Company’s acceptance of the order, at which point a sales contract shall be concluded between you and the Company.


the Company will perform procedures to transfer the SRR (Startrail Registry Record) to you as set forth in Article 11.1 without delay after sending the above acceptance notice.


At the same time as sending the above acceptance notice, the Company will contact the settlement agent to confirm the transaction and transmit the receipt of payment and receive the settled payment in the manner requested by you.


If the Company is unable to accept your order, we will contact you by the method described in Article 1. In this case, we will not charge the Payment Agency Services but will contact you to cancel the transaction. (It is your responsibility to obtain a refund from the Payment Agency Services as appropriate.)

Cases in which the Company cannot accept your order include, for example,

  • If our inventory check after your order reveals that the artwork is lost, damaged, or defaced.
  • If it is found that you do not have the membership qualifications set forth in our other terms and conditions or do not meet the eligibility requirements for ordering as set forth in these Terms and Conditions.
  • If we are unable to obtain your authorization for payment
  • If we discover an error in the price tag or description of a work
  • If we are unable to meet a special delivery date specified by you.
  • If the artwork is found to be subject to import/export restrictions in the recipient country. It is the Buyer’s responsibility to investigate and confirm whether or not the artwork is subject to import/export restrictions before placing an order.
  • If circumstances arise where we are unable to process your payment with the Payment Agency Services by the time we ship the artwork. However, in such a case, we will withhold shipment and contact you so that you can arrange payment by another method. If you are still unable to make payment arrangements after such contact, the Company will not accept your application for the contract.

Article 4. Our Artworks


The artworks the Company sells on Our Site are priced and offered for sale with emphasis on their value as objects of art appreciation, their rarity as one-of-a-kind pieces that are produced and offered by the artist himself for the first time on the market, and the fact that they have all the data needed to prove ownership and transaction history of the artwork using the SRR (Startrail Registry Record). The price is set based on the rarity of the piece and the fact that it is a one-of-a-kind piece. For this reason, in the event that the seller’s liability is claimed by you after delivery of the artwork, the legal evaluation of the conformity of the “kind and quality” to the contract shall be made in accordance with these values. Even with regard to a work that may have certain utility or functionality, such as clothing or a vase, such utility or functionality is only an incidental performance and shall not affect the determination of the fitness-for-contract requirement of “kind and quality”.


The images (or video clips) of artworks on Our Site are created by photographing the actual artworks to be delivered to you. the Company makes every effort to convey the colors, materials, textures, luster, etc. of the artworks as accurately as possible during the editing process. However, we cannot guarantee that these characteristics will be faithfully reproduced on the device used by the viewer. In addition, the actual appearance and impression of a work may be affected by the viewer’s subjective perception, as well as the lighting, background, and other environments in which the artwork is viewed, and may differ from the images on Our Site. When purchasing a work of art, you should carefully examine such possibilities, with the understanding that any differences within the range that can reasonably be assumed from the display on a standard device in general will not constitute a breach of contract for the purposes of the preceding paragraph.


Please understand that the artwork is a one-of-a-kind work of art and is offered for sale, and even if it is damaged or otherwise defective at the time of receipt by you, it is unlikely that a replacement will be provided.


Unlike industrial products, works of art may unexpectedly deteriorate or break when exposed to temperature, humidity, sunlight, and various other natural conditions, especially under weather conditions that differ from those of the Japanese climate. Such deterioration or damage must be avoided by you through proper management after receipt of the artwork, and the Company assumes no legal responsibility for such damage. If you have any concerns regarding the management of the artwork before or after purchase, please contact the Company individually.

Article 5. Payment

1. Currency of Payment

All prices are quoted in Japanese yen (JPY), and payment shall be accepted in Japanese yen only.

2. Payment of various taxes, etc

For transactions that are shipped directly overseas, the price does not include the Japanese consumption tax (10%), but taxes and other fees may be imposed in the destination country. It is your responsibility to confirm such charges in advance and make the necessary payments when needed, and we will not be responsible for any such charges.

3. Timing and Method of Payment

The Company accepts payment by credit card, e-money, or payment in lieu of payment (hereinafter referred to as the “Payment Agency Service, etc.”)., we shall accept payment by the various payment methods specified on the Order Page. The Company asks you to make a commitment to payment for the artwork when they place an order, and by placing an order through the Our site, it is assumed that you have confirmed that you have read and understood the following.

  • That the means of payment used by you to make payment to the Company is your own
  • That you are authorized to place the order.
  • Furthermore, you may not withdraw your payment commitment until we respond whether or not we accept your order (except for cases where two weeks have passed since the order was placed, as specified in Article 3.4).

Your order will be deemed withdrawn if, due to various circumstances, you become unable to obtain approval from the relevant credit card company or other Payment Service Providers before we ship the artwork.


4. Reimbursement

In this regard, the Company will not process billing to the companies that handle these settlement services (hereinafter referred to as the “Payment Service Provider”) until the point of contract acceptance by notification of shipment of the artwork from the Company. the Company will not process the billing to these Payment Service Providers until the time of our acceptance of the contract upon notification of shipment of the artwork. If we are unable to accept an order due to the circumstances described in the preceding paragraph, we will promptly contact the credit/debit card or other payment company as instructed beforehand and request a prompt refund to you. However, you shall follow the terms and conditions of a separate agreement with the payment processor, etc., including the procedure for such refunds.

5. Dispute Resolution with Payment Service Provider

In the event that a dispute arises over payment, usage fees, or other claims and obligations with respect to payment related to Our Site, you shall resolve the dispute directly with the Payment Service Provider concerned. The Company shall not be responsible for the resolution of such disputes.

6. Corrections of Invoices, etc.

If you believe that any of the information on your invoice, order confirmation e-mail or shipping notice is incorrect, please contact the Company immediately.

Article 6. International Shipping, and Customer’s Responsibility for Customs Fees and Other Charges


With a few exceptions, artworks will be shipped from Kyoto, Japan. The shipping carrier shall be selected by you from either FedEx or DHL. However, as stated in Article 1.1.c. above, for the time being, the Company can only accept a contract if the delivery address is located in the region/country listed at the end of this document.


The ownership and risk of loss of the artwork shall pass from the Company to you once the ordered item has been put for shipping by the Company. User shall be responsible for tracking his/her order.


Upon the execution of the contract, which shall occur upon shipment of the purchased artwork by the Company, the Company shall thereafter be under no obligation to replace the artwork, rescind the order, or diminish the price of the artwork. As a result, the Company shall not accommodate any requests for returns, exchanges, or refunds in relation to the artwork. This clause shall be applicable to, but not limited to, circumstances wherein the artwork is demolished by the government of the recipient’s jurisdiction due to the enforcement of export restrictions, or in situations where the artwork incurs damage or is misplaced as a consequence of examination or intervention by a customs broker or any other third-party entity.


Delivery dates may vary due to postal conditions, customs conditions, natural disasters, accidents, etc. in each country, and we do not guarantee a certain delivery date. The Company shall not be liable for any delay in delivery regardless of circumstances. In addition, depending on the country or region to which the ordered artwork is being shipped, customs duties, taxes (such as VAT), and other fees may be required by the destination country’s government and/or shipping service, all of which are the responsibility of you. Kogei Art KYOTO is not responsible for any additional charges applied to shipments. In the event that payment is not made, and that the artwork is returned to Kogei Art KYOTO, the handling procedure of the artwork afterward shall be as set forth in Article 8 below.


In some countries or regions, depending on the shipping method selected by you, the package may only be delivered to customs and not to the recipient address specified by you when placing the order. Upon the arrival of the artwork at such customs, in general, customs will contact the recipient. however, if they fail to do so upon arrival of the artwork at these customs, it is your responsibility to contact the customs office with the artwork tracking number for yourself.

Article 7. Returns (1) In case of misdelivery by our company


In the unlikely event that you receive an artwork that you did not order, please follow the instructions below to return it to the Company.


Specifically, if a misdelivery is found upon inspection by you (please refer to Article 10.3), please take a picture of the misdelivery and contact the Company as soon as possible. We will then provide you with information on how to return the item (we will bear the cost).


At the same time, the Company will inspect the correct work ordered by you, arrange for shipping at the Company’s expense, and notify you.


You must return the artwork to the Company. You must carefully store the artwork until it is returned to the Company and ship it to the Company in the same condition in which it was received. In such a case, the Company asks for your cooperation in consulting with the Company in advance regarding the method of returning the artwork. If you fail to do so and the artwork is damaged, we may reduce the amount of the refund payable to you, or we may be entitled to claim compensation from you.
For example, if the value of the artwork is diminished because you have handled it in a manner that would not be acceptable in the general handling of artworks, we may reduce the amount of the refund to you to reflect such diminished value. If we refund before we are able to inspect the artwork and it subsequently becomes apparent that your handling of the artwork has been problematic, you must pay the Company appropriate compensation.

Article 8. Returns(2)In the event of a return due to circumstances on your side


As stated above, because you shall be responsible for any additional costs after the dispatch of shipment of the artwork (such as payment of customs fees required by the customs of the receiving country designated by you) and any paperwork required in connection therewith (see Article 2.2.a, Article 6.3, and Article 6.5 above), there is a possibility that the artwork is returned to the Company, if you fail to respond promptly and appropriately., In case of such an event, the Company will handle the situation as follows.

  1. Upon receipt of the returned shipment, the Company will contact you in the manner prescribed in the Terms and Conditions and ask you if you wish to have the shipment re-delivered (its additional shipping costs to be borne by you).
  2. The Company will store works returned to it for you for up to 180 days. You shall bear the storage costs required for this, and the Company shall not be liable for damage, total destruction, theft, or other damage, except in exceptional cases where the damage is intentional or grossly negligent on the part of the Company.
  3. If you do not contact the Company within the above period to request re-delivery, this purchase agreement will be automatically canceled. In the event of automatic cancellation, a refund will be made in the amount of the already settled price of the artwork, less various costs incurred by the Company (including storage costs), so please specify a designated bank account in the Company’s prescribed contact method (bank transfer costs to be borne by you). If you do not contact the Company for an extended period of time, it may be difficult to receive a refund due to the application of the extinctive prescription under Japanese Civil Code.


The same shall apply in the event that you fail to receive the artwork at the designated delivery address and the artwork is returned to the Company.

Article 9. Cancellation of Contract

1. Customer’s right to terminate the contract

  1. Reasons for Dismissal You have the right to terminate the contract in the event of a breach of these Terms and Conditions or a breach of legal obligations by the Company. However, this does not apply if the breach is not material, or if the Company can perform its duties subsequently to realize the purpose of the contract through appropriate post-performance measures, etc.
  2. Method of Exercise If you wish to exercise the right to cancel the contract, please contact the Company in the manner prescribed in these Terms and Conditions. If the Company’s investigation confirms that there are legitimate grounds for cancellation and that these grounds have been properly exercised, the contract shall be terminated, and the Company shall refund the full amount of the purchase price to you. In addition to this, you may be entitled to compensation for damages within the scope of reasonable causal relationship to the Company’s various breaches.
  3. Handling of returns The provisions of Article 7.4 shall also apply to returns under this Article.
  4. Cost of Return Shipment The Company will pay the cost of returning the artwork if you exercise your legal or contractual right to terminate the contract and if we arrange for the collection of the artwork from you.
  5. Repayment If you have the right to return a work based on your rights under these Terms and Conditions or your legal rights, we will refund the amount you paid for the artwork (including shipping costs) by the method you used to make the payment, if the payment is within the scope of the Payment Service Provider, or by the method you specified otherwise (bank transfer, PayPal, Wise, or any other method you specify). In other cases, we will refund the amount paid by you for the relevant work (including shipping costs) to you by the method specified by you (please specify one of the following: bank transfer, PayPal, Wise). The amount paid by you for the artwork in question (including shipping costs) will be refunded to you.
  6. In the event that you exercise the above right, we will refund the amount paid by you for the artwork within 14 days from the date of our receipt of the returned work.

2. Our right to terminate the contract

The Company may terminate the Agreement in the following situations.

  • In the return scenario (please refer to Article 8), if your instructions for reshipment have not been confirmed after 180 days have passed after the return.
  • In the event of a misdelivery (please refer to Article 7), if, as a result of our inventory check and inspection of the correct piece of artwork conducted after being notified by you, and that it is found that the piece is lost, damaged, altered, etc.

Article 10. The risk of loss and contractual non-conformity


The risk of loss passes to you at the time of delivery to the shipping company, and you cannot claim that any subsequent circumstances (damage to the artwork during the delivery process, deterioration of the artwork, etc.) invalidate the payment already made to the Company (likewise, you cannot refuse payment for any remaining payment obligations).


The artwork is created and sold as a unique and one-of-a-kind artistic creation, and in the event that any damage or other issues are discovered between the time the contract is established with our company upon shipment of the artwork and the time the customer receives it, please understand in advance that it is absolutely impossible to provide a replacement (please also refer to Article 4, Paragraph 3).


However, in order to avoid disputes over the various treatments described below, you shall inspect the artwork promptly after receipt for damage, staining, deterioration, discoloration, deformation, etc. (including conditions that could cause such damage in later years), and if there are any matters concerning the Product that you wishes the Company to address you shall report the following matters within seven (7) days of receipt in the manner specified in this provision.

  1. A Problem Description
  2. Photographs of the problem (showing details of the damage at issue)
  3. Order Number


The Company will not be liable for any damage, stain, deterioration, or discoloration of the artwork that already exists by the time of shipment, except in exceptional cases where the Company has shipped the artwork without noticing such damage, stain, deterioration, or discoloration due to its intentional or negligent actions. However, even in such cases, the various types of property insurance on each artwork (that the Company carry separately from and outside the scope of this sales contract with you) may apply, and we may be able to compensate you for some or all of the damage to the artwork. In addition, there are some possibilities we may be able to arrange for the artist who created the artwork to make repairs to restore the artistic value of the artwork without damaging its rarity. We cannot necessarily guarantee that we will be able to provide such aftercare outside of the sales contract as per such client’s expectations. However, you are encouraged to promptly contact the Company to discuss this matter if they so desire.


If the Company is not notified of any defects in the artwork by seven (7) days after receipt, we may not be able to take the above actions. We ask that you promptly and carefully inspect the artwork upon receipt. However, we may make an exception to defects that cannot reasonably be expected to be found upon inspection at the time of receipt, or to new defects caused by factors that had already occurred at the time of acceptance of the contract, and which are notified within 180 days of receipt of the goods by the method of contact prescribed by the Company, or in other cases deemed appropriate by the Company in light of the specific circumstances. Although all considerations shall be addressed as voluntary measures beyond the scope of the contract, please consult with the Company first.

Article 11. Confirmation of Startrail Network Terms of Use and said Port Terms of Use


When shipping an artwork, the Company will include with the artwork an NFC tag (sticker or embedded in a card) linked to the artwork’s SRR (NFT called “Startrail Registry Record”). After accepting the contract as stipulated in Article 3, we will, without delay, transfer the indication of ownership of the SRR to you and complete the procedures to be performed by the SRR issuer (procedures to be performed by the issuer(the Company) on the Startrail PORT site) to enable you to publicly display and exercise your rights as the owner of the artwork on SRR.


Customers who have not yet created a Startrail PORT account shall promptly open an account by following the instructions provided by Startbahn KK. Upon opening the account, the necessary blockchain entries for the SRR transfer will be made. You shall inform us of the email address you wish to be registered and share it with Startbahn KK, and afterward, you will be responsible for opening your account in accordance with the instructions provided by Startbahn KK. We will not be held responsible if SRRs are not transferred due to account opening issues.


Artworks on Our Site are subject to subsequent public posting by SRR (Startrail Registry Record). Those who wish to purchase an artwork on Site are deemed to have reaffirmed that the following terms and conditions are included in Terms of Use agreed upon at the time of commencement of use of the Startrail network, before applying for purchase.


Due to the presence of SRR certification on the artwork, in the event that various disputes arise as a result of the client’s inability to properly handle the SRR, it may affect our company’s business credibility, as well as the artist’s reputation and artistic credibility. If your wrongful or inappropriate handling is found to have a substantial causal relationship with the damage incurred by our company or the artist, the client will be held liable for compensation. To avoid this, we kindly request that you consult with our company or Startbarn Corporation promptly if you have any questions or concerns.

(From the Startrail Network Terms of Use)

  • 10.2 The Participants wishing to be newly registered as Owners in a Startrail Registry Record (“New Owner”) must, when taking over as the New Owner on the Startrail Network from the previous Owner, confirm the particular registered as the Contract Terms, and give consent under the Individual Service Terms of any Individual Services that handle the relevant Artwork.
  • 10.3. Service Operators shall make a clear indication on the Individual Service to ensure that New Owners shall appropriately confirm the Contract Terms.
  • 10.4 As of the time a New Owner consents to the Contract Terms under the preceding paragraph, the Contract Terms for use, etc., of the relevant Artwork will be formed between the Artist and the New Owner under the particulars in the Contract Terms. The New Owner shall not breach the particulars of the Contract Terms when handling the Artwork or using images etc., associated with the Artwork on or after the time the New Owner consents to the Contract Terms. The Contract Terms between the Artist and the previous Owner shall, except as otherwise explicitly specified in the Contract Terms, lose effect as of the time the Contract Terms is formed between the Artist and the New Owner.
  • 10.5. When transferring Artworks, Owners shall ensure that before the transfer, the transferee’s consent to these Terms and the relevant Individual Service Terms and the Contract Term
  • 10.6 The Artists and the Person who obtained Artist’s approval hereby consent that if the use of an Artwork is licensed under the Contract Terms in conjunction with the transfer of the Artwork, the license will transfer from the previous Owner to the New Owner.
  • 14.1 If, concerning information registered on the Startrail Network, there has been a request from another participant concerning any infringement or error information and we have confirmed the same, or if we have discovered the error information (including the case in 12.6.), we may revise, delete or take other necessary action on the registered information.
  • 14.2 If the Participant has breached the provisions of these Terms, Individual Service Terms, or Individual Transaction Agreements or has engaged in a malicious act, we may prohibit the Participant from using the Startrail Network or take other necessary action. The action might result in the Participant being unable to use the Startrail Network, Individual Services, or other services associated therewith.
  • 14.3 If we have reasonably confirmed that a Startrail Registry Record is false or contrary to the Artist’s intentions, in whole or in part, or has otherwise determined that in view of the purposes of the Startrail Network, the information must be corrected, deleted or subjected to other appropriate measures, in whole or in part, we may take the measures at our discretion regarding the Startrail Registry Record.
  • 14.4 Except as otherwise explicitly specified herein, we will not be liable for any damage suffered by the Participants or other third parties due to taking action in the preceding two paragraphs.
  • 23.1. Use of Blockchain. The Startrail Network is a system based on Polygon, and therefore cannot be used when system malfunctions or the like occur in Polygon. It is possible that Polygon upgrades, hard forks in Polygon, or changes to the method of verifying transactions in Polygon will have unintended adverse consequences for the Startrail Network. Because of the nature of Polygon, once information is inputted to the Startrail Network, it cannot be deleted after the fact. The Participants confirm that we will not be liable for any damage due to a Polygon system malfunction or due to the nature of Polygon.
  • 23.2. Future Regulations. The regulatory regime governing blockchain technologies, cryptocurrencies, and tokens is uncertain, and new regulations or policies may materially adversely affect the development of the Startrail Network. Therefore, it may affect the potential utility or value of the Startrail Network from the Participants.

(From the Terms of Use of Startrail PORT

  • 4.5. If an Issuer, after a SRR Issuance, has identified an error in a SRR, such Issuer may make corrections insofar as doing so will not cause adversity to the current Owner. If a past or current Owner of SRR or any other User has discovered an error in registered information, the Issuer may acknowledge and correct such error, or if the operator confirms that such error is willful or malicious misinformation, we may take action such as an invalidation of the Issued SRR issued by such Issuer until the information is corrected.
  • 4.6. Users shall not infringe any third party rights by registering any information (including images) on the Service, and must obtain all required licenses etc. for such information under their own responsibility. Unless otherwise provided herein, we will bear no liability for any such claims or litigation, etc. by any third parties regarding such information.


In addition to opening a Startrail PORT account, the Company may provide your information to the Startrail operator (Startbahn Inc. as of April 1, 2023) or the Council regarding transactions with the Company, such as in the case of 4.5 (Startrail Port Agreement) in the previous section. Although it will involve providing of personal information and the course of transactions to a third party, and we ask for your comprehensive consent in this regard in advance.

Article 12. Scope of Responsibility

1. Liability of the Company

The Company’s liability to you for damages shall be limited to ordinary and direct damages actually incurred by you (excluding profits obtained through resale or other use of the purchased artwork and damages arising from special circumstances). The amount of compensation for such damages shall be limited to the total amount of the price actually paid by you for this Agreement (or up to 300,000 yen if no payment has been made), except in cases of intentional or gross negligence on the part of the Company.

2. Consumer Contract

Notwithstanding the provisions in the preceding paragraph or other provisions of these Terms and Conditions that exempt the Company from liability, if a contract between the participant and the Company constitutes a consumer contract as defined by the Consumer Contract Act (Act No. 61 of 2000, including any subsequent amendments), the provisions regarding exemption from liability in the preceding paragraph shall not apply in relation to the Company’s obligation to compensate the customer for damages arising from the said contract.

Article 13. Governing law, language

1. Changes to these Terms and Conditions

The Company may amend these Terms and Conditions in accordance with the provisions of Article 548-4 of the Civil Code of Japan. In this case, the Company shall clearly indicate the details of the change and the effective date and publicize the change at its head office and branch offices and on its Our Site at least a reasonable period of time prior to the effective date. Those who do not agree to the announced changes to the Terms and Conditions may cancel this Agreement by the effective date in accordance with the method prescribed by the Company. However, the cancellation shall be limited to a prospective one, and the effect of claims and obligations that have already been performed by the time the change comes into effect shall not be disputed.

2. Transfer

The Company may, at our discretion, assign, transfer, or delegate our rights and obligations under this Agreement to a third party. In such cases, the Company shall continue to be liable for the acts or omissions of the entrusted party as if the Company itself had performed such acts or omissions.

You may assign, transfer, or delegate your rights or obligations under these Terms and Conditions to a third party only with our written consent.

3. Effect on Third Parties

These Terms and Conditions are concluded between you and the Company and shall not affect the legal relationship between you and any third party. No third party may use these Terms and Conditions as the basis for any factual or legal claim against the Company.

4. Severability

Each provision of these Terms and Conditions shall be effective individually. If any provision of these Terms and Conditions is found by a court or other relevant authority to be illegal or invalid, you and we agree that such court should endeavor to give effect to the intent of the parties as reflected in such provision, and that the other provisions will remain in full force and effect. You and the Company agree that the court should endeavor to give effect to the parties’ intentions as reflected in such provisions and that the other provisions shall remain in full force and effect.

5. Waiver

Any delay by the Company in exercising or enforcing any right or provision of this Terms and Conditions, or any failure by the Company to exercise or enforce any right or provision of this Terms and Conditions, shall not be deemed a waiver of such right or provision.

6. Jurisdiction and Applicable Law

These Terms and Conditions shall be governed by the laws of Japan, and the Kyoto District Court in Japan shall have exclusive jurisdiction in the first instance over any dispute or claim arising out of or relating to these Terms and Conditions, artworks, and any order or contract between you and the Company.

7. Language

The official text of these Terms and Conditions shall be in Japanese. Even though translations may be made for convenience, the Japanese language shall prevail, and the content and wording of any translations made, provided, or published in the future shall not affect the interpretation of the original Japanese text. The same shall apply to all communications from the Company to you.

【List of countries where you can specify the end and delivery】

Australia, Austria, Bahrain, Bangladesh, Belgium, Bhutan, Brunei, Bulgaria, Cambodia, Canada, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Egypt, Estonia, Fiji, Finland, France, Georgia, Germany, Gibraltar, Greece, Greenland, Guam, Hong Kong, Hungary, Iceland, India, Indonesia, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Jordan, Kazakhstan, Kuwait, Laos, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Macau, Macedonia, Malaysia, Maldives, Mexico, Monaco, Mongolia, Montenegro, Nepal, Netherlands, New Caledonia, New Zealand, Norway, Oman, Pakistan, Philippines, Poland, Portugal, Qatar, Romania, Saipan, San Marino, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Slovak Republic, Slovenia, South Korea, Spain, Sri Lanka, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, Thailand, Tonga, Turkey, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, United States, Uzbekistan, Vatican City, Vietnam.

Last Revised on May 1st, 2023
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Kogei Art KYOTO オンライン販売規約

当社に関する情報および Kogei Art KYOTO  (以下「当社サイト」といいます。)からお客さまに作品を販売する際の利用規約(以下「本規約」といいます。)として以下を定めます。お客さまによる当社サイトのご利用全般には、本規約のほか、ウェブサイト利用規約が適用されるものとします。


第1条 当社に関する情報及び当社へのお問い合わせ情報

1. 当社へのご連絡


法人名  株式会社からふね屋 KARAFUNEYA Co. Ltd.
所在地  〒606-8345 京都市左京区東大路通仁王門下る東門前町505番地
電話番号  075-761-1166 (日本語のみの応対となります。)
運営統括責任者 代表取締役 堀尾武史

2. 当社からの連絡


3. 「書面」にはEメールが含まれること


第2条 お客さまによるご注文 (売買契約の申込)



  1. 適法に設立され営業の実態を持つ法人又は当社サイト会員登録をお済ませの18歳以上の個人である方
  2. スタートバーン株式会社が運営するStartrailネットワークの制度趣旨と利用規約をご理解いただき、作品発送時までにStartrail PORTアカウント開設をお約束いただき、購入後も、将来に亘り同ネットワークの利用規約を遵守しSRR(Startrail Registry Record)公示による作品価値の維持にご協力いただける方
  3. 配送先を末尾に列挙した「配送をご指定いただくことのできる国リスト」のなかから指定いただける方さらに、契約成立後、指定された配送先住所において作品を確実に受領いただける方

2. 注文までにご確認いただくべき事項

お客さまが購入を希望する作品を選択して買い物カゴに入れると、画面上の一連の指示内容に従ってご購入手続を行うことができます。ご注文内容が確定しご購入手続の最後に  [Place Order]   ボタンをクリックした時点で、当社に対する売買契約の申込が行われたものとみなします。なお、申込にあたって、お客さまは以下を確認したものとします。

  1. 作品が、受入国における輸出入規制の対象となるか否かは、注文前にお客さまの責任で調査、確認いただくべき事項となること
  2. Startrailネットワーク利用規約、又は、Startrail PORT利用規約により、スタートバーン社が免責されると記載された事項については、当社も等しく免責されること



4. 注文内容のご確認


5. 在庫確認と検品


6. お客さまの注文番号


第3条 当社による契約承諾 (売買契約の成立)




当社は、上記承諾通知の発信後遅滞なく、第11条1項に定めるSRR(Startrail Registry Record)をお客さまに移転する手続を行うものとします。






  • ご注文後の当社の在庫確認によって、作品の紛失、破損、汚損などが判明した場合
  • お客さまが当社の他の規約に定める会員資格を備えておらず、あるいは、本規約に定める注文のための資格要件を満たしていないことが判明した場合
  • 当社がお客さまのお支払いに関する承認を得られなかった場合
  • 当社が作品の価格表示もしくは説明に誤りを発見した場合
  • またはお客さまから納期について特別の指定がある場合に、当社が対応できない場合
  • 作品が、受入国の輸出入規制の対象となることが判明した場合。輸出入規制の対象となるか否かは、注文前に買主の責任で調査、確認いただくべき事項とします。
  • 当社が作品を発送する時点までに、決済代行業者との間でお客さまのお支払いを処理できない事情が生じた場合。但し、この場合には、発送を留保し、お客さまが別の方法でお支払いを手配できるようお客さまにご連絡いたします。かかる連絡を受けてもなお、お客さまがお支払いを手配できない場合、当社はお客さまからの契約申込を不承諾とさせていただきます。


第4条 当社の作品


当社サイトにおいて取り扱う作品は、芸術鑑賞対象としての価値、及び、作家自身の制作・提供により、初めて市場に出る一点物である希少性、SRR(Startrail Registry Record)を利用した作品証明データを全て備えていることに重点を置いて価格設定され販売に供されるものです。このため、作品の引渡後に、お客さまから売主の法的責任が主張される場面において、「種類、品質」の契約適合性に関する法的評価は、これらの価値に則して行うものとします。衣類や花瓶など一定の実用性、機能性を備えうる作品についても、これら実用性、機能性はあくまで付随的な性能であり、「種類、品質」の契約適合性要件の判断に影響しないものとします。







第5条 お支払い

1. 支払通貨

作品の表示価格はすべて日本円 (JPY) で行い、お支払いは日本円のみにて受け付けるものとします。

2. 各種税金等のお支払


3. 支払時期および支払方法


  1. お客さまが当社にお支払いを行うための支払手段がお客さまご自身のものであること
  2. お客さまが注文を行う権限を有すること
  3. なおかつ、当社がご注文を承諾できか否かの回答を行うまでの間、お支払いの約束の撤回はできないこと (但し、第3条4項所定の、注文後2週間経過した場合は除く)


4. お客さまへの返金


5. 決済代行業者等との紛争解決


6. 誤りの訂正


第6条 国際配送・お客さまによる税関費用その他のご負担


作品は、一部の例外を除き、日本の京都市から発送されます。配送業者は、お客さまにFedEx, DHLのいずれかから選択いただくものとします。但し、上述1条1項ウで述べたとおり、当面、当社が契約承諾できるのは、配送先が末尾リストの地域・国に所在する住所である場合に限定させていただきます。






注文した作品が発送される国または地域によっては、関税、税金 (VAT など) などの費用が、配送先の国の政府および/または配送サービスによって要求される場合がありますが、これらは全てお客さまにご負担いただくものとします。 Kogei Art KYOTOは、受取人に代わって出荷に適用されるいかなる追加料金についても責任を負うことはありません。お支払がされず、かつ、当社に作品が返送されてきた場合の処理については、後述第8条に定めるとおりとします。



第7条 返品 (1)当社による誤配の場合









第8条 返品 (2)お客さま側の事情により返品された場合



  1. 当社は、返送を受けた時点で、本規約所定の方法にてお客さまに連絡して、再配送(送料はお客さま負担)のご希望をお尋ねします。
  2. 当社においては、お客さまのために返送された作品を180日間を上限に保管します。これに要する保管費用についてはお客さま負担とし、破損、全壊、盗難等の被害が生じた場合にあっても、当社に故意・重過失が認められるような例外的な場合を除き、当社は責任を負いません。
  3. 上記期間内にお客さまから再配送のご希望のご連絡がなかった場合には、本販売契約は、自動的に解除されるものとします。自動解除と鳴る場合には、既に決済済みの作品代金から、当社に要した諸費用(保管費用を含む)を控除した金額の返金対応をいたしますので、当社所定の連絡方法にて指定振込口座をご指定ください(振込費用はお客さま負担)。長期間ご連絡いただけない場合、日本民法の消滅時効の適用により返金が困難となる場合もございますので、遅滞なきご連絡にご協力をお願いいたします。



第9条 契約の解除

1. 契約を終了させるお客さまの権利

  1. 解除事由 当社の本規約違反または法律上の義務違反があった場合には、お客さまは契約を解除する権利を有します。但し、これら違反が重大とまではいえない場合、又は、当社の適切な事後処置等により契約目的を実現しうる場合はこの限りではありません。
  2. 行使方法 お客さまが契約を解除権の行使を希望する場合には、本規約所定の方法にてご連絡下さい。当社調査により、正当な解除事由を認め、これが適正に行使されたと認められる場合には、契約は終了するものとし、当社はお客さまに代金の全額を返金します。これに加えて、お客さまには、当社の各種違反と相当因果関係の範囲内にある損害について賠償を受ける権利が認められる場合があります。
  3. 返品の取扱い 第7条4項の規定は、本条の返品の場合にもこれを適用します。
  4. 返品費用 お客さまが契約を終了する法律上または契約上の権利を行使し、かつ当社がお客さまからの作品の回収を手配する場合、当社が費用を負担します。
  5. 返金 お客さまが本規約に定める権利またはお客さまの法律上の権利に基づき作品を返品する権利を有する場合には、当社は、決済代行業者が対応可能とする範囲となる場合は、お客さまがお支払いに利用した方法により、その他の場合はお客さまご指定の方法(銀行振込、PayPal, Wiseのなかからご指定をお願いします)、当該作品に対してお客さまが支払った金額(配送費用を含みます。)をお客さまに返金します。


2. 契約を解除する当社の権利


  1. 返品の場面(第8条をご参照ください)において、返品後180日を経過しても、再配送のご指示が確認できなかった場合
  2. 誤配送があった場面(第7条をご参照ください)で、お客さまからのご連絡を受けて当社が実施した正しい作品の在庫確認・検品の結果、作品の紛失・損傷・変質等が判明した場合

第10条 危険負担・契約不適合責任







  • 問題の説明
  • 問題の写真(損傷の詳細な状況が確認できるもの)
  • ご注文番号





第11条 Startrailネットワーク利用規約、同PORT利用規約に関する確認事項


当社は、作品の発送にあたり当該作品のSRR(Startrail Registry Recordと呼称されるNFT)と紐付けられたNFCタグ(シールかカードに埋め込まれた状態のもの)を、作品に同梱します。当社は、第3条の契約承諾後、遅滞なく、当該SRRの所有者表示をお客さまに移転させ、SRRの所有者としての公示及び権利行使を可能とするため、発行者において行うべき手続(Startrail PORTサイト上で、発行者として行う手続)を完了させます。


Startrail PORTアカウントを未作成のお客さまは、速やかにスタートバーン株式会社の案内に従ってアカウント開設を行うものとします。同アカウント開設と同時にSRR移転に必要なブロックチェーン上の書き込みが行われることになります。アカウント開設は、当社がお客さまから登録メールアドレスの提供を受けてスタートバーン株式会社に共有し、同社からの指示に沿ってお客さまの責任において開設いただくことになります。アカウント開設の問題でSRRが移転されない場合においても当社は責任を負うことはありません。


当サイトにおいて作品は、その後のSRR(Startrail Registry Recort)による公示を予定するものです。当社サイトを利用して購入を希望する方は、Startrailネットワーク利用開始時に同意される利用規約に、以下の各事項が含まれることを再確認いただいたうえで、購入申し込みいただいたものとみなします。




  • 10.2. 登録作品情報上に新たに所有者として登録されることを望む参加者(以下「新所有者」といいます。)は、前所有者からStartrailネットワーク上での名義の引き継ぎが行われる際に、作品規約として記録されている内容を確認し、当該作品を取り扱う個別サービスの個別サービス規約に基づき同意するものとします。
  • 10.3. 個別サービス運営者は、所有者が作品規約を個別サービス上で明示し、新所有者が作品規約を確認、同意できるようにするものとします。
  • 10.4. 前項に基づく新所有者の作品規約への同意時点で、作者と新所有者の間で作品規約に記載する内容で作品の利用等に関する契約が成立します。新所有者は前項に基づく作品規約への同意時点以降の作品の取扱いおよび作品に関連する画像等の利用に際して、作品規約の内容に反してはなりません。また、作者と前所有者との間の作品規約に基づく契約は、作者と新所有者との間の作品規約に基づく契約が成立した時点で、当該作品規約に明示的な別段の定めのない限り、将来に向かって効力を喪失します。
  • 10.5. 所有者は、作品を譲渡する場合は、作品譲渡前に新所有者に本規約、個別サービス規約および作品規約に同意させるものとします。
  • 10.6. 作者および作者から承認を得た者は、作品規約に基づき作品の利用許諾がされている場合、作品の譲渡に伴い、作品の利用権が作品の譲渡人である前所有者から新所有者に移転することを承諾します。
  • 14.1. Startrailネットワークに登録された情報について、他の参加者から権利侵害や情報の誤りについて申請があり、運営者が確認を行なった場合または運営者が当該情報の誤り等を発見した場合(12.6.に定める場合を含みます。)、運営者は、登録された情報の修正、削除その他必要な措置をとることができます。
  • 14.2. 参加者の本規約、個別サービス規約もしくは個別取引契約の定めに対する違反または参加者の悪質な行為が明らかになった場合、運営者はその参加者によるStartrailネットワークの利用を禁止しその他必要な措置をとることができます。当該措置の結果、参加者は、Startrailネットワーク、個別サービスその他これらに関連するサービスを利用できなくなることがあります。
  • 14.3. 運営者は、登録作品情報の全部または一部について、虚偽または作者の意思に反することが運営者によって合理的に確認できた場合その他運営者がStartrailネットワークの目的に照らして当該情報を修正、削除その他の適切な措置をとるべきと判断した場合に、運営者の裁量で当該措置をとることができます。
  • 14.4. 前2項に定める措置により参加者その他第三者に発生した損害について、本規約に明示的な別段の定めのない限り、運営者は賠償責任その他の責任を負いません。
  • 23.1. ブロックチェーンの特性 Startrailネットワークは、ポリゴンを基盤とするシステムであるため、ポリゴンにシステム上の不具合等が発生した場合、Startrailネットワークはご利用いただけません。ポリゴンのアップグレード、ポリゴンでのハードフォーク、またはポリゴンでのトランザクションの確認方法の変更は、Startrailネットワークに意図しない悪影響を与える可能性があります。また、ポリゴンの特性上、Startrailネットワーク上に入力した情報を事後的に消去することはできません。ポリゴンのシステム上の不具合やその特性により発生した一切の損害に関して、運営者は何ら責任を負いません。
  • 23.2. 将来の規制 ブロックチェーン技術、暗号通貨、トークンを管理する規制体制は不確実であり、新たな規制や政策がStartrailネットワークの発展に重大な悪影響を及ぼすことがあります。そのため、参加者によるStartrailネットワークの潜在的な有用性や価値に影響を及ぼす可能性があります。

Startrail PORT利用規約よりより)

  • SRRに誤りがあることを発行者自身が発行後気づいた場合、現在の作品所有者に不利益を及ぼさない範囲で修正をすることができます。SRRの過去および現在の所有者、もしくはその他ユーザーにより登録情報の誤りが発見された場合、発行者自身が誤りに同意し修正する、もしくは、故意・悪質な誤情報を当社が確認した場合、情報の修正がなされるまで、当社は、Issued SRRの無効化等の対処を行うことができます。
  • ユーザーは、当サービスに登録するあらゆる情報(画像を含む。)について、第三者の権利を侵害してはならず、必要な許諾等の取得を自らの責任で行う必要があります。当社は、当該情報に関連する第三者からのクレーム、訴訟等について、本規約に特段の定めのない限り一切の責任を負いません。


Startrail PORTアカウント開設時のほか、前項の4.5(Startrail Port規約)の場合など、Startrail運営者(2023.4.1時点ではスタートバーン株式会社)や協議会に、当社との取引に関してお客さまの情報を提供することがあります。個人情報及び取引経過の第三者提供となりますが、この点、お客さまにはあらかじめ包括的にご了解いただくものとします。

第12条 責任の範囲

1. 当社の賠償責任


2. 消費者契約


第13条 準拠法、言語

1. 本規約の変更


2. 譲渡



3. 第三者への効力


4. 分離可能性


5. 権利放棄


6. 管轄権および適用法


7. 言語


※ 末尾・配送をご指定いただくことのできる国リスト

Australia, Austria, Bahrain, Bangladesh, Belgium, Bhutan, Brunei, Bulgaria, Cambodia, Canada, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Egypt, Estonia, Fiji, Finland, France, Georgia, Germany, Gibraltar, Greece, Greenland, Guam, Hong Kong, Hungary, Iceland, India, Indonesia, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Jordan, Kazakhstan, Kuwait, Laos, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Macau, Macedonia, Malaysia, Maldives, Mexico, Monaco, Mongolia, Montenegro, Nepal, Netherlands, New Caledonia, New Zealand, Norway, Oman, Pakistan, Philippines, Poland, Portugal, Qatar, Romania, Saipan, San Marino, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Slovak Republic, Slovenia, South Korea, Spain, Sri Lanka, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, Thailand, Tonga, Turkey, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, United States, Uzbekistan, Vatican City, Vietnam.

2023年5月1日最終改訂 株式会社からふね屋

Contract Terms for NFT

Kogei Art KYOTO Contract Terms for NFT

All artworks purchased on this website come with an IC-tagged NFT blockchain certificate called a Startrail Registry Record (SRR). The SRR uses the Startrail blockchain infrastructure that guarantees the reliability and authenticity of a work of art and helps maintain its value. Startrail is managed principally by Startbahn, Inc.

The certificate contains information on the work of art, including its size, digital image, year of production and other information, and is registered in Startrail. It is also managed and administered by the Startrail PORT NFT management service provided by Startbahn.

A card or seal IC tag is attached to each artwork.

You must consent to the issuance of the above-mentioned SRR with each work of art and that after KARAFUNEYA, who administers Kogei Art KYOTO, has registered the customer’s email address in Startrail PORT, an email message will be sent to the customer’s email address from Startrail PORT informing the customer of the transfer of the NFT and asking the customer to accept transfer. You must use the registered email address and create an account with Startrail PORT.

If you do not create an account, transfer of the NFT will not be completed.

Please be aware that you must provide your email address to Startbahn.

Also be aware that the SRR may contain contract terms on the work of art related to royalties to be paid for secondary sales of the work of art. You must consent to the contract terms related to transfer of ownership in the SRR.

2023 April 1 KARAFUNEYA Co. Ltd.
machine translation


このサイトでご購入いただく作品にはすべて、Startbahn社がが中心となって運営するアート作品の信頼性や真正性の担保や価値継承を支えるブロックチェーンインフラStartrailを用いたICタグつきNFT証明書”Startril Registory Record“(SRR)を発行いたします。
証明書内に記載された作品の情報(サイズ、写真、制作年度等)がStartrailに記録され、同じくStartbahn社が提供するNFT管理サービスStartrail PORTで管理・運営されます。

すべての作品に対して上記のSRRが必ず発行されることを同意していただくともに、SRR上の所有権をお客様へ移転するためには、お客様が購入申し込み時に登録されたメールアドレスを使ってKogei Art KYOTOの運営者である株式会社からふね屋がSRRの発行を行った後、お客様自身でStartrail PORTのアカウントを作成いただく必要がございます。アカウントを作成いただけないと、NFTの移転が完了できません。


2023年4月1日 株式会社からふね屋

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