Kogei Artist Vol.1

Ceramic Artist

Makimasa Imai

Artwork is an essential part of life. Art can be used to easily add a richness to life, that is, it can add joy. In that sense, I hope that my works can help people enjoy richer lives.

I always want to bring out the best qualities of the clay that I use, and to do that, it’s best to fire the kiln with wood, which also creates variety in the feel of the clay. These days, it’s considered normal to fire with electricity or gas in most cases, but for me, it’s important to fire with a natural wood flame.

Makimasa Imai
Makimasa Imai
Makimasa Imai

Recently, regardless of whether my works are displayed in an alcove, an entrance room, or elsewhere, I want to make pieces that have the warm feeling of waking up in the morning and having someone greet you with “Good morning.” I want to make pieces that add something to a space that will brighten the lives of people using that space.

Makimasa Imai
Makimasa Imai

Makimasa Imai

Ceramic Artist, Hozan Kiln

Makimasa Imai

Makimasa Imai insists on firing his pieces in climbing kilns to create a deep, rich finish, and he travels 400 km from Kyoto to Takehara in Hiroshima Prefecture to fire. His artwork is designed to give a vivid and energetic feeling to the animals he creates, adding a feeling of vitality to the space they are displayed in.
Makimasa's father, ceramic artist Masayuki Imai, is a recipient of the Order of Cultural Merit, which is considered a high honor in Japan.

Makimasa Imai
Graduated from Department of Sculpture at Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music; received Kume Keiichiro Award
Completed Graduate School of Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music majoring in sculpture and worked as part-time lecturer at the university
Received Newcomer Award at the Flower Ceramics Exhibition in Daikakuji Gallery, Kyoto
Received Kyoto City Art Newcomer Award
Salon des Beaux Arts, Carrousel du Louvre
1st China Gaoling International Ceramics Exhibition, Jingdezhen Ceramic Museum, China
"The Use and Beauty of Kyo-yaki" at Cologne Handicraft Center, Germany; "Kyo-yaki, Beauty and Creativity" at Maison de la culture du Japon à Paris, France; "The Essence of Kyoto Crafts 2013” at Vietnam Museum of Fine Arts, Vietnam; Takato Highland Museum of Art, Shinshu, Japan
Kyoto Municipal Museum of Art Collection Exhibition "Kyo-yaki: Succession and Development," Kyoto, Japan
"Celebrating 400 years of Rimpa: an exhibition of the works of 200 Kyoto artists," Museum of Kyoto; "Invitational Exhibition of Chinese, Japanese, and Korean Artists," Shanghai Art Collection Museum
"The Way of Vessels -- Kyoto Kogei," National Liu Haisu Art Museum, Shanghai, China
"The Essence of Kyoto Kogei 2019" commemorating 60th anniversary of Kyoto-Boston sister city agreement; Guardian Fine Art Asia 2019, Beijing, China
Other exhibitions
Solo and group shows in various locations
Public installations
Monuments in front of JR Yamanashi City Station, in front of JR Kamata Station, at Tokyo Racecourse, in Chinese Ceramics Museum, in Liu Haisu Art Museum, and in Takehara Museum of Art
Part-time lecturer at Hiroshima City University College of Art, Councilor in Kyoto Ceramic Society, Member of Kogei Kyoto Group of Artists, Steering Committee Member of Kyoto Ceramic Research Association, Councilor in Kyoto Kachokan Foundation