Kogei Artist Vol.5

Lacquer Artist

Koken Murata

My artwork starts from the feelings I get when I experience nature.

I experienced Zen meditation in my search for spirituality, and one time I felt a brilliant light flowing down on me as if it had been released from the body of Buddha.

As the light overcame me and I sought that light, I saw my own trivial existence in nature. That is what inspired me to create artwork that represents light and water flowing down from heaven and the cycle of life that unfolds there.

Koken Murata
Koken Murata
Koken Murata

Lacquer can be used in both 2D and 3D artwork.

The blackness that is characteristic of lacquer brings out the best of materials such as shells and metals as they work to complement each other.

I continue to be drawn to the deep appeal of lacquerware as I continue to create my artwork today.

Koken Murata
Koken Murata

The techniques and thinking that have been passed down from person to person from ancient times have been inherited by modern Kogei artists, but it is important to always strive to exceed the impact elicited by past work.

I want to push the limits in my search for ultimate quality so that I can realize artwork that I have yet to envision.

Koken Murata

Lacquer Artist

Koken Murata

Koken Murata's main themes are light and water. He freely uses gold and silver leaf in creative ways to produce artwork that is both gorgeous and modern. His work has been highly praised in Japan and around the world in countries like the USA, English, Norway, France, Vietnam, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and China.

Koken Murata
Born in Kyoto
Accepted into Nitten Exhibition (Japan Fine Arts Exhibition) for the first time; in following years: 2 Special Mentions, 2 Invitations, 2 times as Juror, and 2 Member's Award
Received Kyoto Mayor's Award at Kyoto Kogei Association
Invited to '90 Art Invitational at Chicago Art Fair, USA
Solo Exhibition in Maastricht and Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Received Kyoto City Art Newcomer Award; participated in "Kyoto Crafts in Edinburgh" in UK
Participated in commemorative exhibition celebrating 100 years of exchange between Japan and Norway (in Norway)
Received Special Mention in Nitten 100th Anniversary Exhibition; participated in Kiafu Art Fair, Korea
Participated in Crafts Kyoto Exhibition commemorating 150 years of exchange between Japan and France (in France)
Special Mention in Nitten Exhibition; Juror in Asahi Modern Crafts Exhibition, Kyoto Exhibition, and All Kansai Exhibition
Received Prime Minister's Award in Japan Kougei Nikkoukai Institute Exhibition; Received Grand Prize in Japan-China Exchange Art Award Exhibition
Participated in commemorative exhibition celebrating 40 years of exchange between Japan and Vietnam (in Vietnam)
Served as juror for Nitten Exhibition and Field Art Project
Received Kyoto Prefecture Cultural Award for Distinguished Service; Ten-artist Exhibition in Paris (France); Taiwan-Japan Art Exchange Exhibition (in Taiwan)
Siebold House Contemporary Lacquer Art Exhibition (Netherlands); Selected Artists Association Exhibition (China); Air Fair (Hong Kong)
Kyoto Kogei Association Selected Artists Exhibition in Shanghai Liu Haisu Art Museum (China)
Received Nitten Member's Award
Served as juror for Nitten Exhibition; participated in Japan Expo Special Exhibition: Kogei--Nature and Beauty Exhibition
Received Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science, and Technology Award at Japan Kougei Nikkoukai Institute Exhibition; Currently organizer of Kohken Lacquer Studio, member of Nitten Exhibition, executive director of Japan Kougei Nikkoukai Institute, director of Kyoto Kogei Association, member of Arts and Crafts SOKO-Kai Association, part-time lecturer at Kyoto Seika University, cultural member of Japanese Discipline Association