July 5, 2023

The Spirit of Japanese Art and “Kachō Fūgetsu”

Japanese culture and art are deeply rooted in centuries-old traditions and rich symbolism. Many of them are born out of profound reverence for nature and its infinite beauty. In this blog post, we will explore the concept of “Kachō Fūgetsu,” (花鳥風月=Flowers, Birds, Wind, and Moon)which has been cherished in Japan since ancient times.

Translated as “flower, bird, wind, moon,” Kachō Fūgetsu represents more than just the beauty of nature. It embodies an exquisitely delicate emotional sensibility. It signifies an aesthetic perception that recognizes and appreciates the profound respect and understanding towards nature and its ever-changing phenomena.

Flower scissors Yuko HAYASHI

Mr. Seigo Matsuoka, an editor who deepens his insights into cultural analysis through interactions with researchers from various fields and develops his unique theories on Japanese culture, elaborates on the subject in his book Flowers, Birds, Wind, and Moon The Phenomenology of Nature in Japanese Culture” He describes Kachō Fūgetsu as “a soft program or user interface for communication among Japanese people.”

Lidded Box with Kirikane Design: “Peacock” Ai IMAMURA

In other words, this concept is deeply rooted in the lives, culture, and arts of the Japanese people. It is an essential element to comprehend the Japanese aesthetic sense and values. Each element is a metaphor reminding us that we are part of nature and actively participating in its cycles.

The Spirit of Japanese Art and
Favorable Wind Issey HATTORI

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Moon Boat Yoko KAMITANI

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