Ai Imamura

Octagonal Lidded Box with Kirikane Design: “Sprouting”

My mental image for this piece was that of the moment a plant sprouts. A small sprout in no time sends roots down into the earth so that the plant can gather the blessings of heaven and earth. As signs of spring appear, the spout blooms into a beautiful form that is fully of life. That is the image I wanted to create.

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Japanese Jindai Cedar,black persimmon,gold leaf,platinum foil and pigments
W 16.7 × D 16.7 × H 19.5 cm
weight: 0.243 kg

W 6.57 × D 6.57 × H 7.68 in
weight: 0.54 lbs
Ai Imamura

Ai Imamura

Ai Imamura uses Japanese cedar that has been buried in the ground for a long time. She uses this precious material to make boxes, which she decorates with detailed patterns using gold and silver foil cut into pieces only a few millimeters in size, always trying to express the feeling of natural beauty. I am very proud to be able to tell you about all of these exceptional artworks from Kogei Art KYOTO.