Kenji Omachi

Saikiko Panels: “Four Emotions”

These panels represent four human emotions:
joy, anger, grief, and pleasure.
They can also be laid flat to give them a
more sculptural feeling.

$ 10,626.25

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lacquer, wood, gold powder, shell, and Kyoto opal
W 25×4 × D 4.3×4 × H 80×4 cm
weight: 3.3kg×4

W 9.84×4 × D 1.69×4 × H 31.50 ×4 in
weight: 7.28×4 lbs
Kenji Omachi

Kenji Omachi

Kenji Omachi is highly skilled in traditional techniques using lacquer, such as Maki-e. In his search for new methods of expression, he discovered and fell in love with Kyoto Opal, a man-made gem developed by the KYOCERA company. He remains a pioneer in inlaying this new material, which is used in the same way as inlaid mother of pearl.