Toki Hata

Music of Spring (from “Celebrating 400 Years of Rimpa”)

This kimono was made for the “Celebrating 400 Years of Rimpa: an exhibition of the works of 200 Kyoto artists” exhibition. This was a great opportunity to reconsider what Rimpa was, how to sense the beauty of Rimpa, which was born in Kyoto, and how to see it in a modern context.

¥ 7,750,000

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Silk fabric
W 140 × H 170 cm
weight: 1.4kg

W 55.12 × H 66.93 in
weight: 3.09 lbs
The prices of Toki Hata’s Yuzen kimonos include the price of an Iko.*
*An Iko is a rack for displaying a kimono.
Toki Hata

Toki Hata

Toki Hata was born as the second daughter of Noboru Hata and the granddaughter of Living National Treasure Tokio Hata. As the third generation Hata, she became a dyeing artist after graduating from the Kyoto City University of Arts. Her semi-formal Yuzen dyed silk kimonos are drawn in detail as pure expressions of beauty that concentrate the sense of beauty of Hata Yuzen.