December 23, 2023

Announcement of Kogei Art KYOTO’s Exhibition in Dubai Japan Kyoto Trade Exhibition

Dubai Image Photo

Kogei Art KYOTO will be exhibiting at the “KYOTO, JAPAN IN DUBAI” Japan Kyoto Trade Exhibition in Dubai, UAE next January.
The exhibition will be held from January 22 to 24 at the Dubai World Trade Center.

website of Kyoto Trade Exhibition in Dubai

The exhibition, the first ever officially recognized by the Dubai government and supported by all seven emirates of the UAE, will showcase the best of Japanese and Kyoto technology and content, including cutting-edge science and technology, traditional technology, food, video, games, and animation, The event is designed to facilitate business matching with royalty, VIPs (governments, embassies, etc.), companies and investors (UAE, Persian Gulf countries, global companies and investors from North Africa to India), and locals (13% Arabs, 87% international).

website of Kyoto Trade Exhibition in Dubai

Kogei Art KYOTO officially decided to participate in the exhibition about a week ago, so we will continue to prepare and post information about the exhibition on our website, Facebook page, Instagram, etc. as needed.

Japan Kyoto Trade Exhibition 

Date22nd to the 24th of January 2024
Time22nd/23rd: 10:00 to 18:00 24th: 10:00 to 15:00
VenueDubai World Trade Centre
Our Exhibit Booth No:C16/C24

You can obtain a passport to enter the venue from the following website

website of Kyoto Trade Exhibition in Dubai