July 25, 2023

‘Yoh’and ‘Bi’: The Depth of Unique Japanese Applied Fine Arts

The world of Japanese applied fine arts is underpinned by unique concepts known as ‘Yoh’ (用=Practicality) and ‘Bi'(美=Aesthetics). ‘Yoh’ stands for practicality and ‘Bi’ signifies aesthetics. These notions cover a broad spectrum from items closely tied to daily life to high-end artistic pieces, from the practical to the exquisite. In this article, we will delve into these concepts of ‘Yoh’ and ‘Bi’, demonstrating how the unique applied fine art pieces offered on our e-commerce platform embody these philosophical underpinnings.

Yuko Hayashi image

‘Yoh’ (Practicality): Functionality and Everyday Life

‘Yoh’ emphasizes practicality and functionality, focusing on objects designed for use in everyday life. This concept correlates with more casual items, valuing usability and durability rather than mere outward appearance. However, in the unique applied fine art pieces we offer, this concept of ‘Yoh’ transcends its pragmatic roots and is sublimated into ‘Bi’.

Makimasa Imai image

‘Bi’ (Aesthetics): Artistry and High-Quality Unique Pieces

‘Bi’ signifies aesthetics and artistry, typically representing high-end, premium works. On our e-commerce platform, we showcase unique applied fine art pieces that ardently pursue this concept of ‘Bi’. These masterpieces embody not just visual beauty, but also the narrative of their creation, the passion and quintessence of artisan skills, and the story that lies beneath the surface.

Koken Murata image

Each piece is meticulously handcrafted by artisans, from material selection to shaping and design. The result is a unique embodiment of ‘Bi’, where no two pieces are alike.

Kenji Omachi image

The unique applied fine art pieces we offer are those which have transcended from ‘Yoh’ (practicality) to ‘Bi’ (aesthetics), possessing a distinct charm and artistry that goes beyond utilitarian goods. This relentless pursuit of ‘Bi’ augments the value of Japanese applied fine arts, making them loved and appreciated by people worldwide.

Ryozo Shibata image

Experience the compelling beauty and profound narratives of our unique applied fine arts that elevate Japanese traditional culture to new heights. Available on our e-commerce site, these pieces will allow you to encounter the captivating aesthetics of Japan, adding a new color and dimension to your life.