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Kogei Art KYOTO Contract Terms for NFT

All artworks purchased on this website come with an IC-tagged NFT blockchain certificate called a Startrail Registry Record (SRR). The SRR uses the Startrail blockchain infrastructure that guarantees the reliability and authenticity of a work of art and helps maintain its value. Startrail is managed principally by Startbahn, Inc.

The certificate contains information on the work of art, including its size, digital image, year of production and other information, and is registered in Startrail. It is also managed and administered by the Startrail PORT NFT management service provided by Startbahn.

A card or seal IC tag is attached to each artwork.

You must consent to the issuance of the above-mentioned SRR with each work of art and that after KARAFUNEYA, who administers Kogei Art KYOTO, has registered the customer’s email address in Startrail PORT, an email message will be sent to the customer’s email address from Startrail PORT informing the customer of the transfer of the NFT and asking the customer to accept transfer. You must use the registered email address and create an account with Startrail PORT.

If you do not create an account, transfer of the NFT will not be completed.

Please be aware that you must provide your email address to Startbahn.

Also be aware that the SRR may contain contract terms on the work of art related to royalties to be paid for secondary sales of the work of art. You must consent to the contract terms related to transfer of ownership in the SRR.

2023 April 1 KARAFUNEYA Co. Ltd.
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このサイトでご購入いただく作品にはすべて、Startbahn社がが中心となって運営するアート作品の信頼性や真正性の担保や価値継承を支えるブロックチェーンインフラStartrailを用いたICタグつきNFT証明書”Startril Registory Record“(SRR)を発行いたします。
証明書内に記載された作品の情報(サイズ、写真、制作年度等)がStartrailに記録され、同じくStartbahn社が提供するNFT管理サービスStartrail PORTで管理・運営されます。

すべての作品に対して上記のSRRが必ず発行されることを同意していただくともに、SRR上の所有権をお客様へ移転するためには、お客様が購入申し込み時に登録されたメールアドレスを使ってKogei Art KYOTOの運営者である株式会社からふね屋がSRRの発行を行った後、お客様自身でStartrail PORTのアカウントを作成いただく必要がございます。アカウントを作成いただけないと、NFTの移転が完了できません。


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