April 22, 2024

Interview from France

The other day, Kogei Art KYOTO exhibiting artist, Toki Hata was interviewed by the French online newspaper Le Petit Journal.
Le Petit Journal is a French-language daily news site for French-speaking people living in and outside of France and publishes an international edition and 74 regional editions.

Le Petit Journal Internatinal

Le Petit Journal TOKYO first sent an e-mail to Kogei Art KYOTO requesting an interview with a kogei artist, which was coordinated through several e-mail exchanges.

On the interview day, Ms. Valentine Detournay from Le Petit Journal TOKYO visited Ms. Hata’s studio.

Scene of the interview

The interview lasted about an hour and began with questions about the history and manufacturing process of kimono, followed by Ms. Hata’s thoughts on her work, her approach to her job, and her thoughts for the future.

Ms. Detournay & Ms. Hata

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Ms. Hata & Ms. Detournay
Ms. Hata & Ms. Detournay