Issey Hattori

Maki-e Platter: “Celebratory Bamboo”

I used wipe-lacquering to bring out the beautiful grain of Japanese horse chestnut wood.
I then used raised Maki-e to create a bamboo pattern to complete this piece. Bamboo does not die off in the winter, so it symbolizes longevity or immortality.

¥ 650,000

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lacquer, gold powder, gold leaf and Japanese horse chestnut
W 45.5 × D 45.5 × H 4cm
weight: 3.4kg

W 17.91 × D 17.91 × H 1.57 in
weight: 7.50 lbs
A pedestal is not provided with this artwork.
Issey Hattori

Issey Hattori

I insist that my work be original and even make the base forms to which I apply lacquer. I use gold and silver power for Maki-e and abalone, green turban (turbo marmoratus), and other shells for inlaying. I also use other natural materials, such as the wing cases of jewel beetles to create modern pieces with a strong sense of design based on themes of air, wind, light, and sky.